International Student Scholarship for Afghanistan, Syria, and so on Article Submission

Same Name & Email As the Scholarship Application

Upload your article here mentioning the following:


  1. What are the most frequent problems facing education in your country?

  2. How can Windsor University deliver online education in the best way for your country, which has certain current circumstances? (for example, maybe it has some internet restrictions or other issues).

  3. How can you pay the tuition fees of the Master’s degree program using (international money transactions for educational purposes) via legal Banks, exchanges’ corporations, or educational entities? Please mention an example for a bank in your own country, along with its name and website, to inform other people from the same country to help them select the same legal way.

  4. Why do you want to obtain the MBA? (Talk about your goals after obtaining the MBA)

  5. How can you continue studying abroad with certain circumstances issues?

Article Criteria:


  • The article should be around 800 words.

  • The article must be well-prepared by the student, maintaining correct grammar, structure, meaning, specific pieces of information, good examples, and not plagiarized.

  • If you get some information from other websites, please mention their references.

  • Your article may be published on the University’s Website along with your name, picture, and country

This article may be published on the University’s Blog along with your name, nationality, and country of occupation.