Fully-funded international student scholarship without IELTS

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Academic Background

Scholarship Policy Agreement

Fully-funded international student scholarship without IELTS

  • The required article criteria:

  • For each applicant, tell us about the following:

    • What are the benefits you are going to gain after graduating with the MBA?

    • Tell us how you will improve yourself in your career or self-employment?

    • How can you benefit your country in case you have a great position?

    • How can you increase the income for a corporation after graduating from Windsor University with the MBA program?

    • How can you attract more students to any online university (you can choose Windsor University, for example, or any other).

    • If you are working as an employee or a volunteer at Windsor University, how can you enlarge the University to reach every student worldwide?

    • How can you improve the University’s website/student affairs/emailing system/marketing/program sales/attract entities/video creation?

    • Give a guide from websites/YouTube/resources/examples/case studies/research.

How will you be the winner?

Each month for the whole of 2021 and 2202 of the following three intakes January 02, May 02, September 02, from each year, Windsor University will choose 10% from the submitted applicants to have the Fully-Funded Scholarship according to the quality of the article published on Windsor University website for everyone.

The benefits for the rest?

All the rest of the applicants 90% will be moved to the regular program with the tuition fees, which were $3600, but is currently only $1800 for the two-year program installed through the six semesters, each one every four months, equals to $300.

$50 –> $25 Non-Refundable Application Fees

Price: $25.00
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